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Dani Kagan & Victoria Marshman,

Co-Founders, City MOGULS Inc.

Victoria and Dani are passionate and driven entrepreneurs and dance teachers. As the Co-Founders of City MOGULS, they continue to bring together the entrepreneurial community through a multitude of programs and experiences. The UofT grads founded City MOGULS in 2015 to unite and celebrate innovative and philanthropic entrepreneurs to inspire great leaders. Their signature event, The MOGUL Awards, celebrates the top 20 Canadian entrepreneurs in a unique fashion show to support Canadian causes. 


To date they have raised over $150k to support at-risk and homeless youth. Over the last 2 years the brand has expanded to provide educational resources, online programs, and a brand new membership program to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. They are proud to be supporting thousands of entrepreneurs across Canada and the globe and are looking forward to growing the platform!

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